Monday, December 12, 2011


These things are great.  My daughter thinks these are neat.  She loves the fact that the top comes off and there is something in there shell.  These are great toys for kids that don't put toys in there mouth.  The fact that the toys have a small part to them make them a danger to young children.  I am think theses are a great item for kids that are old enough though. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Jungle-Themed ZhuZhu Pets®: ZHU-FARI™!

Check these guys our they are great.  My kids just love them and they are mess free (well at least from a pet stand point).  I have a whole set of these for my kids and they love to watch them run across the floor and spin a around.  They are great for all ages.  I really think you guys should check them out.  Any one who loves pets  but can't have them or are not old enough to take care of them should really try these. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oh my goodness.  This stuff is great.  I have always loved a peanut butter sandwich from time to time but this tops that.  I am just in love with the taste. I love the way you can taste the chocolate in it.  It is nice and smooth and will slide over your bread like butter.  You can eat it on just about anything.  I have not tried it but i bet if you were to have it a little warm and drizzle over ice cream it would even be better.  I love the fact that it is made with skim milk to try and keep the calories down.  You can have it on just about anything.  A hot pieces of toast, just a plan  bread or make up your own.   I really think if you have not tried Nutella you should really try it it is great and if you are a big chocolate person like me then you will just fall for it just like i have.  I would love to hear your thoughts on it if you would like to you can leave me feedback on this.  All i can say is yum o and my kids love it too.  Everyone around us seemed to love the great taste.  If you have ever wondered how good it is trust me i am very picky and i would eat this all the time it is that great.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Eden Fantasys is great

One of my things I wanted to do this year was to spice things up in the bed room with my hubby and I.  I have found this great site that will let you try the toys and all you have to do is write a review.  At first I thought that it was funny how they could give toys away and you get to keep them and all you would have to do is write a review.  Well I tried it thinking how can this work?  I was told once a month you got to pick a toy and if there was not to many doing the same item and they let you pick that item (there is a price cap) then they send it to you for free.  You get the package int like two days three days tops and then you get three weeks to try it out and then you right a review.  You get to keep the items.  It is that easy.  I was shocked cause the item I picked were like twenty or so dollars and I got to keep them for free.   I have done this for a few months and love it.  I am loving the fact to try things that I would love to buy but not sure if I could ever do it cause i would be worried I wouldn't love it.  With this i am able to get them and try them out.  This way I can see what I may or may not like.  They also will from time to time set you up with a item they want you to try and they will send it to you free.  You only have to write a review on the item.  I am putting the site down here for you too if you would like to try this out.  It is a great site and i really hope you guys enjoy the site as much as my husband and I do

Here is the site just set up your account and enjoy.