Monday, March 24, 2014

The Disney Side.

A few weeks ago we had a party that was based around the Disney cartoons. This was wonderful. The kids really liked it. We were able to have some Mickey Mouse cupcakes and cookies. The kids loved this because they even got to help make the cookies. Then after the cookies were cooled they were able to decorate them as they saw fit. While the cookies cooled we all gathered around and talked about the different cartoons and what was there favorite one. I told them that mine was Eeyore. I have been in love with Eeyore for many many years. Most of the kids like the princesses and the boys like Monsters Inc. As they were telling us this we were able to paint their faces. They loved this.  We all had fun. After we got done talking about the cartoons I gave every child a shirt and put the markers in the middle of the floor. I told them to draw there favorite cartoon. The kids were very worried at first because they were drawing on shirts but after we told them that this was the only one they could draw on they seemed ok with it. It was fun to see the different shirts that they all drew. We had many different types. I went to take a picture with all of them together and my batteries were dead and I didn't get the pic of shirts. At the end of the day I asked them if they had fun and if they love to go and see Disney Parks and what they would want to do there. They were a lot of them that wanted to go and see the characters and some of the older ones wanted to go to do the rides. It was neat cause I asked the adults and most of them that had not been there wanted to see the characters also. All in all I think the kids loved having the party and was able to be who ever they wanted to be.